Do you want to be a model?

Yesterday I read a post from a new-to-me blogger that discussed the ways in which some women lash out against other women – particularly around body size/ shape/ aesthetic/ “beauty”.  The author called for a cease-fire, but then took the post two steps further by:

  1. Showing how one bold fashion retailer is authentically celebrating women of all ‘designs’ by creating a progressive look-book;
  2. Stating that she (the blogger) wanted to create her own personal look-book to truly ‘walk the talk’ behind her ideas and convictions.

I loved the images from the retail look-book that the blogger included in her post (I highly recommend visiting her site if for no other reason than to see the pictures for yourself – they are that awesome), and thought the author’s plan to create her own look book was a terrific idea.  I left an encouraging comment for her that read in part, “…I’m excited to see your personal interpretation/rendition (of a look-book)! Very good stuff here lady; keep on!”  The blogger replied to me with, “Thanks for the feedback! (The retailer’s) lookbook made me so happy. I’m actually having some difficulty assembling mine – when I search for images of diverse models, I just can’t find a lot of different physical combinations.”

At this point I realized I had a different interpretation of what the author meant when she said she wanted to make her own personal look-book; and I let her know.  I responded back, “I was imagining you were creating a look book of people from your personal life (or community). I think that would be a lot more interesting…”  Less than an hour later, the blogger replied, “Stef, that’s a brilliant idea!  The original idea was much simpler…Doing more hadn’t crossed my mind, but I’m really glad you spoke up! A community lookbook would be much cooler…So I might take you up on this. Any chance you’d want to try something similar? Now I’m envisioning getting lots of bloggers to join in. We could have a mini-revolution!”

Truthfully, I had no plans to take this on as my own personal project – the fact that this blogger was doing it seemed ‘good enough’ to me.  But.  I seemed to have struck a chord and stirred the pot, so to walk away from an idea that I had encouraged in another person seemed disingenuous.  After a few moments of internal debate, I came to a compromise, and told the blogger, “As for me participating…. here’s what I’ll do: I’ll post a ‘call for submissions’ in my three most-visited social media sites (my two active blogs, and my Facebook page), and see if my friends/family/readers want to participate. If I get at least, let’s say, 9 submissions, I’ll create my own ‘book’. How does that sound?”

And that’s where things stand right now.  So, here comes the ask: Do any of you want to participate as a model in a look-book that represents my personal community?  ‘Participation’ would entail you sending me a photo of yourself in attire and a pose that make you feel beautiful.  Not just ‘okay’, and not even ‘just’ pretty, but full-on, all-out beautiful.  I would also love for you to highlight a feature or characteristic of yourself that makes you uniquely you – a la the spirit of the models in the retailer’s book.  If at least 9 people send an image, I will then use the pictures to create a ‘book’ (format TBD) and publish it on my blog (so in addition to sending a picture, you also need to be okay with your picture being made public).

So, there’s the question: Do you want to be a model?  If so, send me a picture, and if eight other people beside you choose to ‘play’, I’ll create a book about all the cool, brave people in my community. (Comment below if you want to participate but don’t know how to reach me; I’ll send you my contact info privately.)

I’m curious to see how this all develops.  Stay tuned….  🙂



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A "serious" gal who is trying to remember to lighten up and smile.
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7 Responses to Do you want to be a model?

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  2. rutheh says:

    Sounds very cool.


  3. Touch2Touch says:

    I’m in — but the picture I have in mind has someone else in it, is that okay?


    • Stef says:

      Aw, thanks Judith! I didn’t get much interest in this project idea, so I”m not going to go forward with it – but I *did* receive your photo, and absolutely love it. You two are most certainly royalty. 🙂


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