Stalked by smiles

Smiles seem to keep finding me – and I absolutely love it.  I’m not just talking about pleasant, happy, or pleasing events (though I will gladly take those, too), but actual
honest-to-goodness physical smiles keep crossing my path.  Another one occurred early this morning…

I was walking from the parking garage (where my car hangs out during the day) to the office building (where *I* hang out during the day [i.e., work]), when the following thought entered my mind: “Hmm, I wonder what event today will be the one I write about tonight?  I wonder where today’s smile might come from?”  No sooner had the thought finished forming in my brain did I turn a corner, look up, and see this:

What I saw as I turned the corner.

Closer up - do you see it?

So far I’ve seen smiles in the snow, in skyscrapers, in my food – and now in construction sites.  Awesome!  This adventure is so amazingly fun; I’m delighted to see where it might lead next…


About Stef

A "serious" gal who is trying to remember to lighten up and smile.
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6 Responses to Stalked by smiles

  1. Jonathan says:

    They seek you here,
    They seek you there,
    Those smiles,
    They seek you everywhere. 🙂


  2. Joss says:

    not to mention all the smiles you’re collecting – the one (s) on the face(s) of your readers.


  3. Sy says:

    Now that is just weird, cool, and probably missed by everyone who passed it that day, except for you.


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