What’s the big deal?

This morning I went to yoga, then made a quick stop at the grocery store on my way home.  As I got out of my car, I saw this:

I laughed out loud.  The pup looked very serious, like he just needed his master to slide in the passenger’s seat, and then they could go.  Indeed, when I approached the car with my camera and snapped a few pictures, the pup didn’t bark, or wag a tail, or even really move.  He just looked at me, asking me with his eyes, “Lady, what?  You’ve never seen a dog before?  Seriously, I do this all the time…”

It was pretty awesome.


P.S. At yoga, our instructor informed us that Bob Dylan’s birthday was fast approaching; so she began our class with this tune, in his honor.  The contrast between the spirit of yoga and the spirit of the song totally made me smile.


About Stef

A "serious" gal who is trying to remember to lighten up and smile.
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16 Responses to What’s the big deal?

  1. Joss says:

    Years ago, the first boxer I owned, used to do that. It always made me smile to walk to the car and see her sitting behind the wheel – ready to drive off with me.


    • Stef says:

      That’s terrific! I hear boxers are wonderful dogs; when my sweetie and I were considering getting a dog (before Hazel), we seriously considered a boxer. But we were in a townhouse at the time, and thought it would be unfair to the dog to have it live in a semi-confined space… Do you have any animals now?


  2. Touch2Touch says:

    Great commentary from the puppy!
    (glad to hear the Bob Dylan song, I don’t know any of this music, and you are so right, the contrast between the yoga and the stoners is a hoot)


    • Stef says:

      I think there was a bit of ‘double-entendre’ with the Dylan song (i.e., stoned in the drug sense, but also stoned in the Biblical/literal/people-are-out-to-get-me kind of sense). Not that I support either of those views; but I do like quite a bit of Dylan’s songs. They definitely cause me to pause and think…


  3. HAHAHA! Love the doggie story…too cute! I’ve seen dogs in the driver’s seat before and it always makes me giggle thinking of them actually driving! 🙂


    • Stef says:

      I’ve seen dogs in the driver’s seat before, but never this serious/earnest. I swear, if he had opposable thumbs he’d be on the freeway as we speak. 🙂


  4. Grace says:

    LOL Love that song and I can only imagine the smiles on everyone’s faces as they were shifting and posing 🙂 How fun!


    • Stef says:

      It was quite fun. I get a kick out of my yoga teacher; and love the levity she brings to the class. Sometimes yoga teachers can be “serious” (overly so); not her! And I adore it. 🙂


  5. What a great picture!!! He does look so serious!


  6. barb19 says:

    Curiously interesting shot Stef – he looks ready to go!


  7. i can just see the word “seriously” in the dog’s thought balloon^_^


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