Making the best of it

A little over a month ago I wrote about how the city favorably responded to an unfortunate situation; namely, the removal of a certain kind of tree in all public spaces (due to an insect infestation).

The beetle the city was preparing for has officially arrived; as a result, private home owners are now cutting down affected trees in their yards.

It’s sad to see all of the stumps without their leafy tops.

However, on my walk this afternoon, I got to witness how one citizen turned the proverbial lemons into lemonade:

I’d rather have the trees back and just drink plain water.  But.  If I’m going to have to live without the trees and the wonderful shade they provide, I might as well have a nice beverage to soothe myself amid the heat.


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A "serious" gal who is trying to remember to lighten up and smile.
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8 Responses to Making the best of it

  1. Ruth says:

    I have grieved for trees. It is a loss.


    • Stef says:

      It really is. Was it you who wrote (on a previous post) that the best time to plant a tree was 50 years ago? That sentiment has come to me again and again….


  2. somehow, in the midst of woundedness, we can find a way to share growth and beauty.


  3. Hallysann says:

    Looks like someone is trying very hard to look on the bright side 🙂


  4. Touch2Touch says:

    Doing their best in a bad situation —
    As you said, bittersweet.


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