Changing perspectives

Today a person trusted me with many of their long-held, deeply personal, emotionally painful secrets.  We spent about two hours talking, discussing, exploring, reflecting; and at the end of our time together, the person was visibly changed.  Their shoulders were more relaxed, their eyes were brighter, and their face wore a genuine smile.  Observing this shift was amazing.  It’s beautiful watching someone meet their true selves.

Today I simply held the space for someone to begin healing themselves – and it was a tremendously affirming way to spend the afternoon. I’m grateful for the person’s trust and confidence; and while they benefited from our meeting, I am also a better human as a result of the interaction.

I love win-win situations.  🙂


About Stef

A "serious" gal who is trying to remember to lighten up and smile.
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10 Responses to Changing perspectives

  1. Joceline says:

    holding space for someone to begin healing is a gift from your heart. What a blessing you are to others!


    • Stef says:

      Thank you Joss. Someone did this for me several years ago; I am simply ‘returning the favor
      by now doing it for others. It’s amazing the healing that we humans can provide one another, simply by listening and being present…


  2. Stef,
    Life is strange. We sometimes bottle up our emotions, thoughts and fears until they are ready to burst within us. Your friend is lucky she has someone who she can confide in and talk through her secrets before they ate her alive. We torture ourself with our inner most thoughts…


    • Stef says:

      PiP, sometimes we really can be our own ‘worst enemies’. Fortunately, we can also be the ones to set ourselves free… but we have to be aware, and then willing to do the uncomfortable, and/or the terrifying…


  3. reddyrokz says:

    Its good to make someone smile.We really feel happy when somebody feels comfortable because of us.This I found out with my personal experience.


  4. carlaat says:

    We sometimes follow parallel paths – I’ve been doing much of the same lately- hours and hours of it – and it is amazing how valuable it can be. So glad you could be there for your friend.


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